Thales announced the first flight of UAS100!

Thales announced the first flight of its new UAS100!

We are very proud about this first flight. First because it validates the integration of Hionos’ Pulsar Factory autopilot environment and Thales Aerospace‘s electronic board, creating a fully certifiable autopilot subsystem ( DO-178C/DO-254) which is currently a major hurdle for the drone industry, but also because it is, in our opinon, the right way to adress safety and regulation in drone manufacturing.

Adapting drones for every use case and change in regulation is costly, time consuming and has no end. What we are doing here is anticipating regulation and aiming for super safe drones that will then be allowed to perform safety critical operations on a daily basis, for a wide range of application.

This requires of course a bigger investment at the beginning, but is a powerfull market opener for the comming years.

Cannot wait to see the first commercial operation with Thales Aerospace and Issoire Aviation !