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Easier & Faster

Your current autopilot/flight controller is not suitable with a high SAIL operation or with the certification of your drone?

Hionos’ Pulsar autopilot and Pulsar Factory framework help to meet SORA’s safety requirement for SAIL I to VI and those of the certified category.

Hionos provides Certified Autopilot Solutions
for Drones allowing:


Meet SORA’s regulatory requirements for high SAIL (SAIL III, IV, V and VI);


Efficient prototyping capabilities to go from software modification to flight tests in a couple of hours;


A 80% gain on the certification of the software including manufacturer’s modifications, thanks to reusable, pre-certified components;


Compatibility with different electronic boards (certifiable or not, custom or available on the market).


Thanks to the Pulsar Factory framework, we have developed our Flight Control Laws very efficiently and were able to reuse software that we had already developed.
I am surprised to see how Hionos’ tools are also usable by small companies. As a small team, we use their tools for several years.
Hionos’ tools really give small teams the ability to access certification.

Thanks to Hionos’ solutions, we have been able to develop our drone prototype and to present it to our customers in the defined time frame.

About us

Thanks to Hionos’ sound experience in safety critical software development for manned aircraft and drones, we provide manufacturers with a mix of process, development framework and already developed software allowing manufacturers to meet safety regulation objectives. This development framework includes 80% of pre-developed autopilot software and gives manufacturers the ability to develop by themselves, and without any external intervention, the 20 missing percent that are aircraft dependent. Our development environment is already tested with success by different customers.