Pulsar System

Drone Autopilot.

Pulsar is a highly reliable autopilot system, compliant with international aeronautical standards. It enables the use of drones in places where safety is critical.

To perform risky operations, drones need a safe autopilot. Pulsar is the safest.
It complies to the most demanding software standard used in avionics, at its highest level of criticality : DO-178C DAL A.

Our custom process has been verified by independent entities and allows fast development and DO-178C compliance (certification material available).
Allows the most critical operations:
Urban operations

Beyond visual line of sight

Flying vehicles (air taxi, air cranes)
Pulsar is adaptable to your drone.
The software architecture used for Pulsar development makes Pulsar easily adaptable to both your electronic and your drone (multicopters, fixe wings, blimps…).

Pulsar is currently flying on 4 different electronics and 3 different frames.

Manual Flight

Pulsar handles manual flight with assistance, allowing easy and smooth flight.

Guided Flight

Pulsar waits for orders from the GCS and then moves the drones to the requested position.

Mission Flight

Pulsar automatically executes the mission sent by the GCS.

Auto Take Off / Land

Pulsar automatically manages take off and land phase, in both Guided and Mission modes.


Pulsar calibrates it sensors to provide the smoothest flight.


Pulsar is MavLink compatible, so is usable with most ground control stations and flight preparation software.

Do-178C DAL A

Pulsar complies to the most demanding aeronautics standards, making it suitable to the most critical operations, even people transportation.

For every drone

Pulsar is adaptable to different frames, from quadrotor to blimp, going through fixed wings.


Pulsar sends all relevant data to an external logger, allowing the operator or manufacturer to analyse the flight afterward.

Hardware adaptable

Pulsar is adaptable to most hardware and sensors.


Pulsar is able to diagnostic drone’s health and to take the appropriate actions to guarantee a safe flight termination.