The European regulation for the safe operation of drones / eVTOLs in European skies will be applicable in :


About the European regulation

The new European regulations entered in force since December 30, 2020 explain new rules applicable to the use of drones, eVTOLs… For safety critical operations, it requires compliance to aeronautical standards. A transition period is active until 02 December 2023, after that date, only EASA will be able to issue the sesame for flight authorization.


Obtaining these authorizations goes by a process initiated through a methodology of systematic risk assessment, and leads to architectural and technologies choice’s for the aircraft. These choices have impacts on software, electronics, sensors …


The autopilot is the subject of particular attention as it plays a central role in drones and other eVTOLs, among others, in the phases of “out-of-sight” flights.

In order to guarantee its operational reliability; development standards, mostly from the aeronautical sector, are used to guarantee safety. These standards require development rules compliance, verification methods and their implementation by providing evidence to authorities.

About Hionos

Hionos is specialised in the supply of autopilot software developed according to the DO-178C/ED-12C standard. We offer our customers a software development environment, a process and pre-developed software blocks in order to achieve time and certification costs savings ( up to 90% depending on the initial configuration chosen ).


These elements allow our customers to work in total autonomy in order to take into account their specificities, whatever the use cases or the types of aircraft (fixed wing, rotating, mixed).